Xportmydata Plans

Starting from: $10.00 USD / month
(12-month min term)

  • Download accounting data for up to 1 Xero organisations
  • Set & forget weekly backups
  • Exported in Excel format, along with Xero ready CSV import files
  • Download to your local device, then sync to your cloud service for added security

$ / month


Files / uploaded attachments

+ $ / month

Payroll (Australia & New Zealand only)

+ $ / month

Total $ USD / month

Single Download

Are you looking for a 'one-off' collection of your Xero data?
Xportmydata's Single Download Xero Backup is your go-to solution for a one-time backup of your Xero data, especially useful during significant transitions like a business closure or change in ownership. For only USD $100, this service provides a thorough extract of your Xero data in a concise Excel file covering your chart of accounts, bank transactions, contacts, attached files uploaded to Xero, Xero Payroll, and more.

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Enterprise (11+ Xero Organisations)

Accountants & Bookkeepers (Partner Plans).
Do you need something other than what is here? Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant and need more than 11+ Xero organisations?

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