Xportmydata Plans

Starting from: $10.00 USD / month
(12-month min term)

  • Download accounting data for up to 1 Xero organisations
  • Set & forget weekly backups
  • Standard data export in readable Excel format
  • Download to your local device, then sync to your cloud service for added security

$ / month


Files / uploaded attachments

+ $ / month

Payroll (Australia & New Zealand only)

+ $ / month

Total $ USD / month

Single Download

Are you looking for a 'one-off' collection of your Xero data?
Sometimes you might want to get a backup of your Xero data without a subscription plan. Maybe you're thinking of selling or are already closing a business down. This option lets you download a one-time extract containing all your Xero data.

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If you are bookkeeper or an accountant and in need of more than 10 entities? Please Contact us for Volume Discounts and further discussions around your requirements.

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